Matchplay Championship

The match play championship is reserved for members of the Ybrig Golf Club. The only requirement is a handicap index of at least 30 or better.

Season Matchplay Net
It is played according to the tournament rules of Swiss Golf and the Golf Club Ybrig. The game is played with ¾ of the playing handicap. Example: Player A with a handicap index of 30 meets player B with a handicap index of 23. The difference is five strokes, which player B must concede to player A. The difference is distributed according to the difficulty of the holes. The difference is distributed according to the difficulty of the holes. The game is always played with the current playing handicap.

Ladies and juniors play from red. The same applies to Juniors with a handicap index of 25 or higher who are not yet 13 years old in the current calendar year. All other juniors and Men play from yellow.

Net tableau
The number of participants is set at 64. If there are more than 64 registrations, preference will be given to golfers with the lowest handicap index. If there are fewer than 64 registrations, entry to the second round will be decided by drawing lots. The 4 players with the lowest HCP index will be seeded; the matches will be drawn by lot.

Tournament management
The captain is responsible for organising the tournament. The captain may involve the match committee in important decisions.




The closing date for registration for these competitions is 13 May 2024. A one-off match fee of CHF 25.00 (CHF 15.00 for juniors) must be paid when registering or at the latest when competing for the first time.

Start times
The first round will be completed by all participants on 18.05.24 played (start from 8.00 am). For the second round, the player with the lower handicap index is the first to make contact with his opponent. It is possible to play the front nine twice in shooting mode.

  • 1/32 Final until 15 June 2024
  • 1/16 Final until 10/07/2024
  • 1/8 Final until 10/08/2024
  • 1/4 Final until 10/09/2024
  • 1/2 Final until 25/09/2024
  • Final until 10 October 2024

Special features
A starting time must be reserved for all matches. A stamped score card must be collected on the day of the match. This must be handed in at the secretary's office immediately after the match. Match play games have priority over other players during the week. Flights to be overtaken will be made aware of this priority by means of a red flag.

Studen, 10 April 2024 | Chris Färber & Chrigi Hiestand


You can find the current tableau here:

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