Golf course

  • Size Par 70, length 5675/5181/4870/4414 m
    Design Peter Harradine
    Opening 1 June 2000
    Location Altitude: 930 metres above sea level, coordinates: 47.06° N, 8.86° E
    Season April to mid-November
    Address Golf Club Ybrig, Ochsenbodenstrasse, CH-8845 Studen


  • Here you can see the 18 holes of the Golf Club Ybrig in detail. Thanks to the topography, the course has no slopes. The five lakes that characterise the game require a considered and precise game and offer plenty of variety. The higher greens 11 and 14 are particularly attractive, offering a fantastic view over the valley floor as far as Lake Sihl.

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  • Hole Champ
    Strokes  Par Player
    1 355 326 311 286 5 4  
    2 122 113 108 98 13 3  
    3 414 384 363 338 1 4  
    4 187 156 142 123 15 3  
    5 345 312 304 268 9 4  
    6 474 435 408 381 7 5  
    7 265 245 240 215 11 4  
    8 112 99 94 87 17 3  
    9 374 344 331 303 3 4  
    Out 2648 2414 2301 2099   34  
    10 499 456 437 398 4 5  
    11 302 282 265 245 8 4  
    12 413 370 351 309 2 4  
    13 158 147 141 128 16 3  
    14 480 439 426 362 6 5  
    15 150 129 93 73 18 3  
    16 299 276 259 239 14 4  
    17 374 345 334 306 10 4  
    18 352 323 263 255 12 4  
    In 3027 2767 2569 2315   36  
    Dead 5675 5181 4870 4414   70  
    SR 134 126 124 124      
    CR 70.5 68.1 68.9 68.9      
  • Markings

    From white posts, white painted stones
    Floor in repair blue posts, white lines, white bands
    Distance marker White 200m to the beginning of the green
    Yellow 150m to the beginning of the green
    Red 100m to the beginning of the green


    Course rules

    Unless otherwise marked, the boundary fences to the road around the golf course form the out boundary. The driving range and the clubhouse with terrace are out; at hole 18 the stone wall to the right of the path forms the boundary, then the path according to the ground markings.
    When playing hole 18, the area of hole 5, identified by white posts with black caps, is off. When playing hole 18, these posts are out markers; for all other holes they are out markers. movable barriers.

    The Benches and the Distance marker are considered immovable obstructions (Rule 16.1.).
    The Wooden sleepers to the left of green 16 are immovable obstructions (but there is no relief from the fence, which is a boundary).
    With blue post or white lines marked areas adjacent to an immovable obstruction are part of the obstruction (Rule 16.1). Retaining walls along the paths are considered part of the paths (immovable obstacles), unless the walls form the boundary.
    The Wooden fences along the road between holes 11 and 12 form a common obstacle with the road.

    Components of the Place
    The layered Stones behind the greens 11 and 14 are Components of the Place. No relief may be claimed under Rule 16.1.

    Drop zones
    If, when playing hole 16 or 17, the ball lies on the road behind the green or in an adjacent immovable obstruction, a ball may be played in the marked hole in addition to the options under Rule 16.1. Drop zone be dropped with impunity.

    No-play zones
    The through red and white Tapes cordoned off square area is a no-play zonewhich is to be treated as unusual space conditions. In the event of obstruction by the no-play zone, relief without penalty must be claimed in accordance with Law 16.1f. The reference point for relief is the point where the ball has crossed the boundary of the danger zone.
    The cordoned-off area must not be entered.en become.
    Penalty for breach of court rules: Disqualification.
    The Reservoir at hole 13The red penalty area, identified by red posts with green caps, is a red penalty area from which play is not permitted. If the ball is in the no-play area, the ball may not be played as it lies and relief under Law 17.1e must be claimed from the obstruction caused by the no-play area.

    Better laying
    If the game management Winter Rules the following seating rule applies:
    If the player's ball lies on a part of the course that is cut at fairway height or lower, the player may claim relief once without penalty by depositing the original ball or another ball in the following relief area and playing it out of it:

    • Reference point: original position of the ball
    • Size of the facilitation area: one scorecard length
    • Restrictions: not closer to the hole, in the terrain

    Restriction of the use of special equipment
    A player must walk at all times during the scheduled round unless driving/riding is expressly authorised by the match director or a referee to speed up play (at short notice) (MPR 8-G6). The club may authorise exceptions for medical reasons.

    Interruption of play
    Immediate stoppage of play due to danger is signalled by a firecracker. Normal interruptions and resumption of the game are signalled by the game management.

    Guidelines for playing speed
    The player must play without undue delay and in accordance with any pace of play guideline issued by the course management. The player must not unreasonably delay play between the completion of a hole and the start of the next tee shot.
    A group is too slow if it takes more time than the target time and is more than the start interval behind the group playing before it. The target times are normally noted on the scorecard.
    A group that is too slow will be warned. As long as it has not regained its position, the following applies:
    The maximum time to execute a shot is 40 seconds. The first player to hit a par-3 tee shot, approach shot, chip or putt can take an additional 10 seconds.
    Penalty for offence: 1st offence: warning, 2nd offence: 1 penalty stroke, 3rd offence: basic penalty, 4th offence: disqualification. In stableford competitions, the penalty strokes result in points being deducted from the total score for the round.
    If the game is delayed between the playing of two holes, the penalty is applied to the next hole.
    In Stableford competitions, the ball is to be picked up if no more points can be scored on the hole in question and there is no longer a connection to the previous group.

    Behavioural guidelines
    Misconduct occurs when traditionally established and generally recognised rules of conduct in golf are violated. The rules of conduct apply to both the player and any caddie of the player.
    In particular, the following may be regarded as misconduct:

    • Hitting a racket into the ground out of anger, damaging the racket and/or damaging the turf.
    • Throwing a club towards a golf bag.
    • Distracting another player during the stroke through carelessness.
    • The use of mobile phones if this disturbs other players.
    • Getting the ball out of the hole with the putter head or another club and risking damaging the hole.
    • Do not repair pitch marks, level bunkers or cover divots.
    • throwing litter or cigarette butts on the ground and not disposing of them properly in the containers provided.

    Penalty for offence: 1st offence: warning, 2nd offence: 1 penalty stroke, 3rd offence: basic penalty, 4th offence: disqualification. In stableford competitions, the penalty strokes result in points being deducted from the total score for the round. In open play, multiple offences will result in a sending-off.

    Serious misconduct may be considered to be, in particular

    • Intentionally causing significant damage to the green.
    • Deviating from the course preparation, independently move tee markers or out stakes.
    • Throwing a racket in the direction of another player or spectator.
    • Deliberately distracting other players during their shot.
    • Deliberately breaking a rule of golf in order to potentially gain a significant advantage despite a penalty for the offence.
    • Repeated use of vulgar or offensive language or gestures.

    Penalty for offence: disqualification. The penalty for serious misconduct is imposed by the match management. In free play, a sending-off and disciplinary measures are imposed.

    Please place the rakes in the bunkers in the direction of play.
    (Last update: July 2020)

  • Behavioural guidelines

    We attach great importance to this:

    We treat each other in a friendly and respectful manner.
    We show consideration for each other.
    We demonstrate fair behaviour.
    We adhere to the dress code.

    Guests and members are obliged to avoid no-shows (not turning up at the tee) wherever possible.
    Disciplinary measures will be applied in the event of multiple offences.

    The following short film clearly explains the behavioural guidelines of the Golf Club Ybrig.
    Thank you for honouring them!

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