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Friendly contacts are just as important as sporting competition and the joy of golf. The Golf Club Ybrig therefore offers active sections for different age groups and needs. In addition to the club's internal events, each section organises its own activities. Only members of the Golf Club Ybrig have access to the sections. Are you curious? Then you are cordially invited to try out playing in one of our sections




Golf Ybrig Juniors

An important task of the Golf Club Ybrig is the active promotion of young golfers. We offer regular junior training sessions, teach them about the rules of golf and golf etiquette and organise tournaments so that juniors can obtain their handicap and licence to play.

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The Golf Ybrig juniors have their own Website. There you will find all relevant information on training sessions, tournaments and events.


Would you like to come and have a taster with us? Then get in touch with our junior captain Ingo Stirnemann: This email address is being protected from spambots. JavaScript must be switched on to display.. By the way, it doesn't matter if you've never held a golf club in your hand before. That is not a prerequisite for joining us. It is much more important that you are curious to learn something new and enjoy doing things with others in the great outdoors.



  • Our junior club champions

    Club champion 2021: Cyrill Stirnemann

    Club champion 2020: Cyrill Stirnemann

    Club champion 2019: Adèle De Saab & Nick Ritter

    Club champion 2018: Adèle De Saab & Nick Ritter

    Club champion 2017: Tabea Wittum & Nick Ritter

    Club champion 2016: Jill Iten & Max Steinebrunner

    Club Champion 2015: Alice Von der Lage & Lukas Lehmann

    Club champion 2014: Jill Iten & Jayson Iten

    Club champion 2013: Sandy Krakau & Jayson Iten

    Club champion 2012: Jill Iten & Jayson Iten

    Club champions 2011: Vanessa Knecht & Joel Barandun

    Club champion 2010: Vanessa Knecht & David Fräfel

    Club champion 2009: Vanessa Knecht & Oliver Gerber

    Club Champion 2008: Laura Fromm & Johnathan Burkitt

    Club Champion 2007: Vanessa Ohrt & Johnathan Burkitt

    Club Champion 2006: Pascal Oechslin

    Club champion 2005: Tobias Meier

    Club Champion 2004: Pascal Oechslin

    Club Champion 2003: Pascal Oechslin

    Club champion 2002: Oliver Schremp

    Club champion 2001: Fredi Kälin

  • Junior support team

    Ingo Stirnemann

    Ingo Stirnemann
    Junior captain This email address is being protected from spambots. JavaScript must be switched on to display.

    Tobias Meier

    Tobias Meier
    Deputy Junior Captain

    J&S Leader
    Jill Iten

    Jill Iten
    J+S Leader

    Alex Stohr

    Alex Stohr
    Golf Pro


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